I consider myself to be an enthusiastic scientist, rooted in the field of evolutionary biology and interested in everything that evolves morphologically, or seems to do so.

I tend to specialize in the mathematical and software aspects of morphometrics, the statistical analysis of shape, and its use to explore morphological diversity, the underlying development and its evolution, particularly in the vegetal domain.

I’m supported by the ANR ‘Viticulture: an integrated approach in archeosciences to better understand grapes and wines in France from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages’.

I have founded two organizations for scientific dissemination in France : Plume! and ShakePeers, and I am co-President of the latter. I’m part of the executive council of the Société Française d’Écologie, in charge of the web development. Overall, I am engaged in the political and practical aspects of the so-called « science-society » interface. I also ran Athéna, a small company where I did training and consultancy both in science communication and in statistical analyses.

My complete CV [fr] details my background and my publications.

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