Configurational changes of patchy landscapes dynamics

I’m very glad to co-author this paper with colleagues from the French Institute of Pondicherry. This paper closes my Indian file :-)

Bonhomme V, Castets M, Ibanez T, Géraux H, Hély C, Gaucherel C (2017). Configurational changes of patchy landscapes dynamics Ecological Modelling 363 1-7.

You can read the paper there and get it for free until October, 25th there. Please contact me if you want a copy. The abstract follows.

This paper introduces dynamic configurational changes for patchy mosaics, parameterizable dilation and/or erosion processes of units in a vectorial landscape. Patchy-based models are rare although this conceptual framework could yield important insights to the functioning and dynamics of agricultural and natural landscapes. Compared to common raster-based models, they are parsimonious and intuitive, but their algorithmic computations are challenging. The aim of this study is to implement polygon dilation throughout Minkowski sum on polygons, along with their associated formal grammar, in the DYPAL modeling platform. This computation is a challenging open-problem and this paper provides a first satisfying approach along with the methodology for a generic implementation framework. As an example, this paper illustrates configurational changes on a complex forest-savannah dynamics in a tropical biodiversity hotspot, New Caledonia. Finally, perspectives for configurational changes in landscape modeling are discussed.

Vincent Bonhomme

Vincent Bonhomme

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